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October 30, 2008

Updates to the life of Rylee

Lots happening on the home front. Just a quick update.

1. Beatons - the boys were able to close up the sauna haus with a tyvek covering and add temporary windows last weekend. We may actually be able to work inside the building the winter. We'll see.

2. Todd and I are heading to Mexico City and Acapulco for 12 days. Yay! We leave tomorrow morning at 6am. We'll visit our friend Lenny and his new baby. And then head for the beach.

3. I'm so glad the election is almost here. I'm optimistic that my man Obama will be our next president. I'll be toasting to that next tuesday from an Acapulco beach!

4. Below is a photo of Sir Wag Alot. He will be coming to live with us on November 12 for an undetermined amount of time. Why us? As the newest volunteer foster parents for German Shepherd Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin, Todd and I have agreed to foster Sir Wags until his forever home is found.
What we know about this beautiful dog, is that he's about 9 months old, friendly and is a shelter favorite. Unfortunately, his time was up at the shelter and no one claimed him or adopted him. So he was scheduled to be euthanized at an Illinois Shelter this Saturday. Though the hard work of volunteers at GSRAWs - Sir Wags will be transported to a temporary foster home in Racine until we can take him on November 12.

So, until I return from Mexico - this will probably be my last post - unless I can figure out how to do it from my mobile phone with Wi-FI access....


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